Abdominal Surgery

Just like humans, cats and dogs can be susceptible to issues dealing with the digestive track and the abdominal cavity. Cats and dogs need pet surgery in order to treat these conditions. It's important to allow your veterinarian to conduct abdominal surgery in order to treat any issues that your pet may have. Unfortunately, this can be a scary experience for many pet owners.

However, we at Pet Vet in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, are here to answer questions you might have about your pet's upcoming abdominal surgery. From finding treatment options, to letting you know ahead of time how to prepare for your surgery, we are here to help alleviate any anxiety surrounding your cats and dogs’ abdominal surgery. 

Why Does My Animal Need Abdominal Surgery?

Your pet might need abdominal surgery if they have currently been suffering from issues dealing with gastro-intestinal tract-. This can include things such as nausea, vomiting, or even watery diarrhea or bloody stools. It's important for your veterinarian to conduct pet surgery, such as abdominal surgery, in order to find the cause of your pet issues as well as treat any ailments that could be causing their digestive issues.

Some of these ailments can include foreign objects in the abdomen, tumors within the abdomen due to cancer, or gastro-intestinal tract being blocked. Through exploratory pet surgery, biopsies of the abdomen, and removal of foreign objects, your pet can get the help they need to recover from their abdominal ailment. 

Is Pet Surgery Dangerous?

Like all surgery, pet surgery does carry risks of complications, such as infections, in cats and dogs. Fortunately, your veterinarian is trained to perform pet surgery and can minimize the risk by using proper hygiene and aftercare procedures. A veterinarian at our practice will inform you of any steps you need to take after your pets’ abdominal surgery. This can include placing a cone over them or protecting the site of the surgery to prevent infections. In addition, your veterinarian might change your pet’s diet as they recover from their abdominal surgery.

Remember, the surgery took place because your pet is having issues digesting or ingesting food. A veterinarian on our team will also inform you of any treatment options for your pet prior to surgery. 

Contact Us for Pet Abdominal Surgery

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