Why You Should form a Working Relationship with a Veterinarian before Breeding Your Pets

Breeding is not something you should take lightly as a pet owner. Here at Pet Vet, we can provide guidance as you and your pets go through the different steps of the breeding process. Our services are available to all Steinbach, Manitoba, residents so feel free to drop by for a consultation.

Avoid breeding your cats or dogs without adequate planning beforehand. The services of a veterinarian will be critical in that scenario. Allow us to highlight the different reasons why that is the case.

Our Veterinarian Can Determine if Your Pets Are Suitable for Breeding

Before you set any pet breeding plans into motion, you first have to be certain that they are feasible. That means determining if your pets are capable of breeding.

Visit our veterinarian so we can perform a physical examination on your pet. Our veterinarian will closely examine your pet’s reproductive organs to determine if there are any issues present.

Aside from that, our veterinarian will also evaluate your pet’s overall health. Even if your pet’s reproductive organs are not affected by any issues, her body may not be strong enough to go through pregnancy.

If you are not aware that you are putting your pet at risk by breeding her, you may suffer a painful and unexpected loss.

Our Veterinarian Can Screen Your Cats and/or Dogs

As you’re probably aware, cats and dogs can pass down genetic conditions to their offspring. Some of those conditions may be hidden in your pets. You may only become aware of that genetic condition once the kittens or puppies are born.

It’s important to account for those genetic conditions before you decide if breeding is a good idea for your pet. You should also ask yourself if you are ready to care for your pet’s offspring if they are affected by a hidden genetic issue.

Having that information in hand is critical as you decide what is best for you, your pets, and your household.

Our Veterinarian Can Help Improve the Odds of Successful Breeding

If you’ve decided that you want to breed your pets, our veterinarian can help increase the odds of that turning out well.

Our veterinarian can examine your cat or dog and tell you the best time for breeding so you get a healthy litter. Our veterinarian can also use different insemination techniques if the breeding process is not yielding the desired results.

Breeding your pets is a major decision that you need to be well-prepared before you move ahead with any plan. If you’re a Steinbach, Manitoba, resident who needs help with pet breeding, contact us at Pet Vet. Visit our office today and let’s discuss the matter in greater detail.