Flea and Tick Prevention

We at Pet Vet in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, specializes in providing a variety of healthcare services for cats and dogs. Our mission is to help your pet stay healthy through our services and treatments. Before visiting us, we invite you to learn a little bit about the importance of flea and tick prevention. 


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In Manitoba, spring brings with it a significant exposure to ticks and to a lesser degree, fleas.  Tick exposure is a significant concern for us, with the risk of transmitting Lyme disease, Anaplasma and Erlichia canis.  All three of these diseases can cause illness, and in some cases even death.

A well-rounded strategy for tick prevention involves daily tick checks, medications to prevent ticks from transmitting diseases and vaccination.  Our doctors can assess risks for your pets and personalize a prevention strategy based on your specific risk factors.

Medication for Flea and Tick Prevention

When your visit our clinic for preventive care, we will do a comprehensive physical exam and assessment based on lifestyle and geographical exposure.

If medication is recommended, we can discuss options such as specific spot-on medications or once-a-month tablets to prevent tick disease transmission.  We do not recommend tick collars as a useful means of prevention.

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Contact us at Pet Vet in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, today to schedule an appointment to have your pet checked out if they may be showing any signs of infection from fleas and ticks. Treatment can greatly help prevent the spreading of diseases and make sure they stay healthy. We look forward to meeting you! Call us at (204) 326-6562 for more information.



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