Reproductive Care

Getting reproductive care for your pet is incredibly important for their overall health. Getting pregnant and producing litter might not be easy for all cats and dogs. At Pet Vet in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada, we're on a mission to help our community members get the help they need to ensure their pet's reproductive health remains optimal. We want to ensure your cats and dogs have a smooth transition into parenthood and want to help them with their reproductive journey. 

Reproductive Care

What Does Reproductive Care Include?

Just like humans need to visit a gynecologist and obstetrician before they give birth or for reproductive health, cats and dogs can also benefit from a wide range of reproductive care services. These services can include help with:

  • Artificial insemination: During artificial insemination, your pet will undergo a procedure in which fresh, frozen, or chilled semen will be inserted into the vaginal cavity. AI can help ensure a pregnancy the first time around and can keep your pet safe from aggressive cats and dogs in heat.
  • Emergency C-sections: Did you know that some cats and dogs might require emergency C-sections to remove their litter? This type of surgery can save their lives and prevent deaths in the litter.
  • Routine check-ups during pregnancy: While your pets are pregnant, they will also need to get routine check-ups to ensure there are no issues with their pregnancy. These checks-up are an important part of overall health and safety during a pregnancy.

How Can Reproductive Care Help My Pets?

Reproductive care ensures your pet's safety during a pregnancy. Using reproductive care services also ensures your pets are getting the help they need to stay healthy, while you ensure you're doing everything possible to be a responsible pet owner.

Keep Your Pets Healthy at Pet Vet

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