Artificial Insemination

Pet owners in Steinbach, Manitoba, interested in learning about artificial insemination for their cats or dogs, can call the Pet Vet clinic for the most current information. Then, with help from our experienced team, we will help figure out the best action plan for your pet.

About Pets, Breeding, and Artificial Insemination

There are viable reasons for using the services of a pet clinic, an experienced veterinarian, and the clinic's qualified staff when considering having your pet inseminated.

For one thing, your pet is an integral part of your family, and you want them to access the highest quality of care. Another critical point is whether your pet is a good candidate for breeding or artificial insemination as an alternative. For this reason, you will want your pet examined by a veterinarian to determine if either step is an option.

Not all pets can breed naturally due to internal health issues, infertility, and even behavioral problems, which can affect the entire pregnancy cycle. In addition, your pet's health may not be enough to withstand a normal pregnancy, negating the action of artificial insemination.

For these reasons, a thorough examination and screening by our veterinarian will let you know if either natural breeding or an artificial insemination procedure is possible. The veterinarian can also determine through the screening process if your pet has any genetic conditions that may harm the offspring.

Benefits of a Consultation

Whether you plan to breed your pet using natural methods or via artificial insemination, it is advisable to have your pet examined by our veterinarian. 

With an appointment for a consultation, you will learn about the pros and cons of breeding. Our veterinarian will also explain what pet owners can expect once they go through pregnancy.

With a consultation before any decision, we aim to ensure you have answers to all your questions and discuss any concerns you may have. Then, once your pet is examined and a decision has been made to use artificial insemination, we are here to help put the next step in place to support a healthy litter.

Contact Our Office

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